Dimitris Kontokostas

Hello, I am Dimitris! Currently I am a working as a senior Data & Knowledge Engineer at GeoPhy.
I am also a Semantic Web researcher @AKSW/KILT group. Many people know me from DBpedia where I was a very active contributor and served as the head of technical developments for 3 years.

/me @ Github, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Scholar, SlideShare, Uni. page or
read more details on my working and academic experience in my CV.

Short Bio

Dimitris Kontokostas is a senior data & knowledge engineer at GeoPhy where he designs and implements solutions on data quality & large-scale knowledge graphs. Dimitris has a PhD (Dr.-Ing.) from Leipzig University (AKSW/KILT Group) on "Large-scale knowledge extraction, publishing and quality assessment" where he graduated with magna cum laude. He served as the head of technical developments of DBpedia for three years, is the creator of RDFUnit, a unit testing framework for RDF with high industry uptake, heavily involved with data quality standardization activities (i.e. SHACL, ShEx) and a co-author of the “Validating RDF data" book.

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