Dimitris Kontokostas

Hello, I am Dimitris! Currently I am a working as a senior Data & Knowledge Engineer at GeoPhy.
I am also a Semantic Web researcher @AKSW/KILT group. Many people know me from DBpedia where I was a very active contributor and served as the head of technical developments for 3 years.

/me @ Github, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Scholar, SlideShare, Uni. page or
read more details on my working and academic experience in my CV.

Short Bio

Dimitris Kontokostas is a senior data & knowledge engineer at GeoPhy where he designs and implements solutions on data quality & large-scale knowledge graphs pipelines. Dimitris (almost) has a PhD (Dr.-Ing.) on large scale knowledge extraction and quality assessment from Leipzig University (AKSW Group). He served as the head of technical developments of DBpedia for three years, is the creator of RDFUnit, a unit testing framework for RDF with high industry uptake, a co-editor of the W3C specification SHACL RDF constraint language, the chairman of the Shape Expressions (ShEx) W3C community group and a co-author of the “Validating RDF data" book.

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